Who am I?

I was born on the beautiful twin-island republic of Trinidad & Tobago…. (two islands, one country)  Growing up in such a culturally diverse location afforded me the unique opportunity to immerse myself in a variety of traditions and religions different from my own. Despite being from a Muslim family, I attended Presbyterian school and Sunday school, spent time at a Methodist church, and observed the colorful sights, sounds, and sumptuous delicacies of numerous Divali celebrations.  This kaleidoscope of humanity fed into my passion for community and service to others from an early age. 

“In Trinidad, we celebrated and embraced everyone’s traditions,” and it is in this same spirit that I infuse this trademark warmth and enthusiasm into every aspect of my life. 

Growing up, I was inspired and influenced by strong women, such as Maya Angelou, Princess Diana, and Hillary Clinton. One of my favorite childhood pastimes was “playing Oprah,” where I would conduct live interviews with countless fascinating pretend guests.

In my late teens, I set off on a new adventure, moving to the United States.  Later on, I was offered a job opportunity at the legendary FriarsClub, a home base for a Who’s Who of some of the greatest entertainers, covering every aspect of entertainment from stage and screen and everywhere in between.

 I instantly fell in love with it and the Friars became my second home.  I am grateful for the sense of belonging, as well as the learning experience that graced my time there. On any given day, I would be the first person to welcome notable figures to the Club, one such moment which I will forever hold in my heart was meeting one of my childhood inspirations – writer and activist, Maya Angelou – it was emotional.

I am currently serving as a women’s rights advocate, volunteering for various causes, such as New York Cares, which focuses on assisting with social issues; CWOP, a child welfare project for children affected by the child protection system and various other causes. 

In 2018 I was given the opportunity to be one of many writers featured in the book You Are Not Alone: True Stories of Sexual Assault, Abuse, & Harassment From Around the World by Jessica Schwartz, and with Alyssa Waugh on I AM STRENGTH an anthology by everyday superwomen, of which proceeds will benefit girlsinc.org and nomeansnoworldwide.org. I was also one of 10 survivors featured in the second issue of Survivors Magazine using fashion and photography to empower survivors of sexual violence and raise awareness of sexual assault.

 I  joined the NoMore.org campaign creating a  collection of T-Shirts to end the silence, shame, and stigma of women facing sexual harassment in the workplace, sexual assault, and domestic violence. A percentage of the proceeds go to help support the work of the  New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault. 

I am also delighted to be part of the ReportApp contact team for North America. ReportApp is a tool that is changing the way targets of workplace harassment and discrimination document and report their experiences, and how companies investigate & support their employees. Something I have faith in that will assist in the prevention these types of misconduct. 

My latest project has been establishing Encore Forty One, a performing arts company dedicated to celebrating Broadway and its 40 theatres. Encore supports upcoming Broadway performances & entertainment projects.

 I  live in Manhattan with my partner and daughter and is always on the hunt for my next adventure.

Feel free to say Hello!, I would love to hear from you.