How Trump is as destructive as a nuclear bomb.

Under the Trump administration the world has been plagued by ignorant, offensive and obnoxious things he has said out loud, tweeted, or otherwise. Each one at some degree of incredulousness in its own way.

Like it or not, the fact remains that Donald Trump, his family and his fellow republican colleagues has indeed made America Great again. With the exception of a few sensible & decent human beings who’ve recently had to re-think & choose between their political party or principle, America became Great Again for: the Racists, Bigots, Liars, Tax Cheaters, Women & LGBTQ abusers, Muslim haters, Homophobes, Narcissists, Vile, Ignorants, Iliterates, Hatefuls, Dishonests, Sexists, Hypocrites, Bullies & Entitled wealthy white & brown privilege. Yes, all of them together, one big basket of Deplorables. With a deeply disturbing sense of renewed brazen assurance, confidence & lack of shame that America’s 45th president is only too happy to encourage without any regard for the destructive and divisive nature of his words. But while Trump may not seem to care of what the people’s opinions are of hi, he does understand the level of influence the oval office has afforded him.

Setting aside the republican political agenda of LGBTQ rights, Immigration reform & Abortion rights, his unconventional third world country style of leading, dismantling of the US Pandemic response theme resulting in the USA winning at having the most Corona virus cases in the world!, not to mention the entire mask nay sayer debacle in what seems as poetic justice with many republicans including Trump and those closest to him falling victim to said virus.

Donald Trump’s antics incites feelings of anger, hate and violence on both sides of the ethical aisle- one side is outraged at the incomprehensible behavior by Trump & the other is in all legitimizing systematic racist & social injustices that America has been working to overcome & eradicate for over 100 years. A scar on our democracy.

The fact that despite everything Trump has done, half of the United States of America are quick to buy whatever he is selling is both frightening and telling. Donald Trumps America, which is sadly half of the American population seems to share in dangerous rhetoric which threatens our democracy- Political polarization, Conflict over who should belong as a member of the political community, High and growing economic inequality, and Excessive executive power-

What bothers me even more is having to question whether half of America has a beating heart, and whether she can survive without it. Whether this half of America is capable of having empathy, or just basic human decency for their fellow Americans. Where is the logic & common sense?

What’s probably worse is that shockingly Trumps’ base is not limited to uneducated whites, but it includes educated blacks, browns, Asians, Indians and latino folks. Many of whom are here because they too fled dictatorship, communism or third world country politics and economies in search of betterment in America.

Every shade of brown, with a myriad of immigrant ancestry stories account for a high percentage of Trump supporters. Sadly, these supporters are willing to overlook Trumps attacks on their own communities because their political views are influenced by religious and cultural beliefs pertaining to LGBTQ & Abortion policies. All of the Trump supporters I spoke with were not shy to confirm this. Not only that, but did you know that a majority of race issues are within our own communities and families of color? For instance within my Indo- Caribbean community- local & abroad- it is frowned upon if an Indian whose skin color is brown/black were to marry another brown/black person of a different race. Yes, let that sink in! even within communities of color Trumps’ divisiveness is at play.

How unfortunate that despite 4years of a Trump presidency, republicans are still blind to the deeply disturbing pattern & rhetoric by the world’s most powerful leader. In my opinion that speaks so much more about them than anything which could be said about him. Had they held him accountable from the start, our present state of affairs would not be where it is today.

With an election so consequential, its’ importance had the world watching us,…because of republicans America became a spectacle, another Trump reality show where in this one Trump is the one getting FIRED! Not only our allies & adversaries of foreign governments were tuned in but their citizens were also tuning in and they were not shy to make their opinions known! Some of them reasonable & logical, while others were downright atrocious influenced by fake, edited information circulating on social media., a result of which led to some deep, eye opening conversations with friends from both sides of the political aisle.

Any sensible human being can appreciate the exchanging of ideas, with a rational and pragmatic openness & understanding that looking at things through different lenses helps us to have informed views. However, there will always be the few on both sides of the political isle who are arrogant, stubborn, set in their ways and have no room for accommodating a different angle or perspective from what they believe in.

A few weeks before the US2020Election a dear friend of mine for 15 years or more, a foreign national, on a Monday night, decided to share her views on the American election via WhatsApp. My first thought was “ Oh Crap! this is exactly why I left FaceBook in the first place, but somehow trouble always knows where to find you” – I politely bantered a bit but it wasn’t long before I realized her intent was clear- she wanted to drum up unnecessary political drama by sharing republican propaganda, questioning Biden’s mental capability, and accusing Kamala Harris of authorizing underage sex in the form of the SB145 California bill. Completely denying, defending & refusing to acknowledge any of Trump’s indiscretions, especially the one about refusing to concede should he loose the election.

At that point I had to make it clear that I was not interested in engaging her further. Allow me to explain to you that this is a woman who while not college educated, is well travelled, has worked in the US, and enjoys being in a very high – income bracket. By Caribbean standards she is RICH! But while the country she lives in may be 1st class in oil wealth with a bubbling economy, they are still very much 3rd world when it comes to infrastructure, medical, education, government and social issues. So much so that even though she resides in another country, and a citizen of that particular foreign land, with no voting rights or power in America, she made sure that each of children were born on American soil.Essentially she had anchor babies! Even if you are living under a rock, you know & understand where Trump stands on immigration, chain immigration & yes! anchor babies.. So as one can imagine I was surprised that she was not only such a Trump fanatic but determined to spread his hogwash.

After pointing out that the information she was spreading was not only untrue, out of context, & baseless, I directed her to the factual side of the information she was forwarding, which of course was not received well. I also questioned the trigger for her needing to spew unwanted, unsolicited and spiteful drama based on misguided information, what was her interest in this election especially because she could not vote here …& this is where things took a turn for the worse- I was then falsely accused of insulting her, being incapable of discussing politics, & of shoving that politics down her throat. I found it interesting that the person who started the nonsense in the first place, dragging it on & off for about 2 weeks, despite my pleading to simply agree to disagree in effort to stop the foolery, was accusing me of imposing my views on her.

I explained to this friend that I was not going to allow anyone to needle me into losing my cool just to give them the satisfaction of an unbecoming reaction. It was not worth it. Preserving my mental & emotional health is of importance to me & I refused to let it be affected by the political views of someone who was googling, copy & pasting articles to fit their narrative because they couldn’t justify the irrational themselves. Every try of reasoning with this woman was met with backlash.

Trump Politics was causing a dear friend to put her need to “win” & be right over my feelings. But was Trump Politics truly responsible here or was it a revelation into who this person truly was?

At that moment I decided to take a step back from the friendship … and to take a deep long breath. I felt like a small child questioning the validity that friends are supposed to care about us & help us, not hurt us.

I respect every human being’s right to support whomever they choose, for whatever cause they find important to them. However, I choose to believe those choices should be made by accurate, informed and educated information. Not misguided opinions circulating on social media. No matter which political affiliation one agrees with, common sense and basic human decency should prioritize the front seat of our thinking, not googled, copied and pasted articles which seem to justify the amoral narratives we are so determined to share just for the sake of being right.

If Trump or anyone with his degree of incompetence belonged to the Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Green or Constitution Parties, they would not be getting my vote!

No political figure should be expected to be perfect, yes they all have faults, but should at least hold a high level of principles & morals. None have ever been at this level of polarizing.

I can’t say what the future holds for my friendship, but what I do know for now is that this friendship is on hold because this election was not just about a difference of opinion, it was about human decency & basic human rights which it seems affects everyone differently depending on their ethnicity, economic & social status. I expect there are other Americans in similar circumstances contemplating and re-evaluating family ties & friendships after this election, but in the end the only thing that matters is this:

In American Elections the only voices to be heard will be that of American Citizens! In 2020 more American Votes than ever echoed what we had to say when the BIDENHARRIS team won.

– a man who was bullied as a boy because of his disability, who has dealt with loss & grief many times over, and a black woman, the Jamaican Indian daughter of immigrants who broke the glass ceiling for colored women & girls past present & future-

it sends the message that a record number of Americans banded together far & wide, in the middle of a pandemic to oppose the persistence of diminishing our democracy. And that is powerful!

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