My Fibroid Journey

Fibroids- Tumors that grow in women’s uterus. They are basically tumors that get so large their sizes are referred to as melon or grapefruit sized which can cause severe abdominal pain and heavy periods. I refer to my heavy periods as – Chronic Menstrual Blood Loss. Needing to change a pad and tampon at least 4times an hour. Gushes of blood clots the size of the liver and the frustration of multiple outfit changes per day put my life on hold every month while on my period. Echoing migraine commercials on television, my period is so bad that it began affecting my quality of life causing me to miss out on so many social events and spending time with my family. Speaking of migraines, I had such a tremendous amount of blood loss that I became severely anemic (see my previous post) my body had come into a state of panic mode resulting in chronic iron deficiency which caused migraine-type headaches. Dizzy spells, pelvic pain shooting down to my legs, inexplainable fatigue, weight gain, and of course the pregnant-looking bulge- The struggle to find well-fitting clothing which flatters my figure is very frustrating. While I absolutely loved being pregnant, looking pregnant, and being asked whether I am expecting when I knew I am not, usually triggers feelings of being down and very grumpy. The only way out of those awkward moments to redirect my being irritated is by offering a comedic response:

” oh no I’m not pregnant, I’m just fat with fibroids, haha” when really I don’t think it’s funny.

The stigma surrounding fibroids causes so many women uncomfortable sharing the impact of fibroids on their health, especially the mental part. I openly admit that I have struggled a bit with depression due to the weight gain, the inability to shed the pounds, and its impact on my self-confidence.

The good news is that I am scheduled for Surgery to have the fibroids removed,… and can I just tell you that I AM SOOO Excited! I am looking forward to getting these ugly beasts out of my body, and most of all being able to get healthy again- physically & mentally. I want to use this opportunity to not only document my story but to share it so that it may help others,..even if it is just one person.

If you have read this and found it useful, leave me a comment. I plan to keep you updated on the surgery and progress within the next few weeks.

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