Anti Racism Pledges

These are their names! and too many more since 2014.

                                                                            BettieJones,TamarRice,TrayvonMartin,SandraBland,KiethChildress,RoyNelson,KevinMatthews,MichaelNoel,LeroyBrowning,MiguelEspinal,MathanielPickett,EricHarris,TiaraThomas,CorneliusBrown,Jamar Clark,Richard Perkins, AhmedArbery, GeorgeFloyd, IndiaKager, YvetteSmith,Tanisha Anderson, EricHolder 

* data from MappingPoliceViolence.

 Mapping Police Violence,  a project started by,  publicizing data related to police violence against black people through interactive maps, charts, stories, and infographics. The idea is that giving people access to data about police violence that’s specific to their own communities will empower them to systematically hold their own representatives and policymakers accountable. Make your voices heard in Ending the Violence and demand your representatives take action by clicking here 

I hereby pledge my support for the goal and principles of anti-racism and will work towards eliminating racism from our society as a whole. 

PRIVACY: We will only use your personal information for the purpose for which it is intended. Information provided here may be featured in the Anti racism pledges section of this site.

Take the pledge Here-

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