To the muslim sisters in abusive relationships.,

Domestic violence does not discriminate – victims span all races, ages, ethnicities and religions. 1 in 4 women are victims of severe domestic abuse, and that includes Muslim women. Islamophobia — hate crimes, bigoted policies and daily incidents of harassment towards the Muslim community has made confronting domestic violence more difficult for these women. TheContinue reading “To the muslim sisters in abusive relationships.,”

How Trump is as destructive as a nuclear bomb.

Under the Trump administration the world has been plagued by ignorant, offensive and obnoxious things he has said out loud, tweeted, or otherwise. Each one at some degree of incredulousness in its own way. Like it or not, the fact remains that Donald Trump, his family and his fellow republican colleagues has indeed made AmericaContinue reading “How Trump is as destructive as a nuclear bomb.”

The link between DomesticViolence SexualAbuse,Addiction, Mental health & Race

This year as part of my work in spreading awareness on Domestic violence and the impact of Covid19 on survivors of abuse, I acquired insight on another contributor to the abuse pandemic- one which has been around long before the Covid19 and sadly will linger on long afterward. Substance abuse refers to the harmful orContinue reading “The link between DomesticViolence SexualAbuse,Addiction, Mental health & Race”

Protecting our children from sex abuse.

From my own personal experience with childhood sex abuse and as a target of severe workplace harassment had I been taught at an early age what inappropriate touching, personal space and boundaries were I might have been better equipped to navigate the different circumstances of the sexual abuse and harassment I encountered. I have madeContinue reading “Protecting our children from sex abuse.”