What are Confessions about?

Confessions are a brave safe space where you can share or read funny, embarrassing stories, acknowledge or admit something you are ashamed of, and now in a world with Covid restrictions & the frustrations that come with it there are so many things we 

need to get off our chest.

Why is Rehanna offering a Confessions page?

We all have things in our lives that we are either ashamed of or keeping secret and need a healthy sometimes fun way to release. We don’t always want to confide in our best friend,…some of us may not have a best friend. The Priest, Imam, Pundit, Rabbi, etc may not be available or we may just not find it convenient. The point is this space is available as an anonymous option for you to heal. …. or laugh, we don’t judge!

There are some Rules...

  • We do not tolerate hate speech of any kind. No racism, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, or ableist views will be accepted.
  •  No threats or confession directed towards a particular person. organization or entity and nothing that is worrisome or overly cruel.
  • Posts are subject to approval. 
  • You can choose to use your real name or remain anonymous by choosing whichever name you are comfortable with. 

 If you are in danger please call 911. If you are a survivor of abuse and need help financially, counseling, or with food or shelter please contact one of the following organizations. Help is available. @ 1212 868 6741. Jahajee @ 1888 888 7702. @ 1800 930 9232