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If you are in an emergency situation, please dial 911.

If you are in the NYC area seeking Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault services

such as  information, counseling, legal assistance, or housing please utilize these resources:

 www.thehotline.org,  http://www.sakhi.org,  http://www.Mental Health.gov, http://www.JahajeeSisters.org


I lend my time & efforts to supporting survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse, workplace sexual harassment and ending the stigma, shame, and silence survivors have come to endure because of these crimes. Some of my efforts include being part of the ReportApp North America Team. ReportApp is a resource founded, created and developed by Karin Bosman of the Netherlands. This resource is used by companies committed to working towards creating a truly non discriminative work environment by offering a safe, confidential and secure platform for their employees to document reports of any workplace discrimination. To learn more about the ReportApp click Here.